Navigating Global Regulated Cannabis

We advise entrepreneurs, investors, and governments in their efforts to innovate and responsibly build a safe, equitable, and sustainable regulated cannabis industry. We assist clients involved in competitive and dynamic business initiatives, high-stakes negotiations, and ever-shifting regulatory and policy environments. 

We advise

We collaborate with clients on how to better understand and act upon the emerging opportunity landscape. Regulated cannabis industry leaders face a dynamic and competitive environment permeated with opportunity, yet fraught with risk. Successfully navigating the space requires clarity of purpose, superior judgement, and unwavering discipline. We advise CEO’s, innovators, and other industry leaders on integrating big-picture strategic planning with tactical and operational effectiveness.

we create

We are value creators and business venture builders. Partnering with startups and early stage entrepreneurs, we assist in business planning, leadership development, and creating meaningful value for our partners. While we occasionally invest our own capital, we typically seek to create value as high-level advisors. When working with early-stage companies, we offer flexibility in engagement structuring.

we impact

We work with governments, nonprofits, advocacy, and impact groups to help facilitate and accelerate change in the cannabis space. We advise clients on how to take an authentic approach to issues of social equity and inclusion. In a time of budget shortfalls and local economic tightening, we advise governments on how regulated cannabis can materially contribute to a sustained and equitable economic recovery.


We believe that the global regulated cannabis industry is at a strategic inflection point, poised for mainstream acceptance, federal re-regulation, and stratospheric value creation. Yet, the skills necessary to shepherd a regulated cannabis company through the growth cycle are not obvious, and the effort taken in achieving success is not trivial. Rapid growth must be thoughtfully stewarded if it is to lead to sustained value.  We focus on advising leaders on how best to position themselves for the expansion to come.

our founder

Michael dundas

Entrepreneur, CEO, attorney and investor, firm founder Michael Dundas is a hands-on leader with a passion for building world-class organizations and initiatives. As co-founder and long-time CEO of one of the largest regulated cannabis companies in the Northeast United States, Michael has led teams through myriad complex organizational challenges from inception to exit. He now focuses on advising leaders and innovators on how to improve operational, financial, and regulatory performance across the global regulated cannabis sector.